Facilities and Services

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Every treatment center has different facilities and services. The way they treat and help people varies based on their methods. It is important to find a place that fits your needs. We want to help you to the best of our abilities.

Traditional drug treatment approaches involve therapy. They also include detoxing and help to maintain abstinence. This is important to the overall recovery process. Psychotherapy is also used.

We provide many of these services, specifically:

–    Detoxing

–    Drug counseling

–    Drug testing

–    Group therapy

–    Group recovery meetings

–    Medication-assisted treatment if needed

Quality of treatment obviously varies depending on the facility. We employ licensed staff and always make sure we don’t over pack our centers.

It is also important to note that cost is not a factor on whether or not the treatment is proper. We do our best to make sure our care is affordable while still being the best around. We don’t want people to feel they can’t get the treatment necessary.

Having a large range of programs can also really help. The longer someone stays in treatment, the better chances they have at long-term recovery. But for someone to keep improving there need to be different programs and things to learn.

We need to be able to approach the issues from all angles and give an opportunity for growth. That is why along with our programs there is group therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy.

There needs to be plenty of focus on the addict as an individual.

We are also proud to have luxury services at our facility.

–    Yoga

–    Massage therapy

–    Acupuncture

–    Animal-assisted therapy

We cover all possible avenues necessary for treatment. It is important to make sure people don’t feel isolated and have as normal a time as possible.