What we Do

Drug Abuse Treatment Center

At the Fresh Air Foundation Of Fremont, CA we treat people for drug abuse. Drug addiction is a terrible thing for someone to go through. It affects not only them but their friends and families. It can change someone’s entire world.

It can feel awful to think that you have to start over from scratch. But that is what some people have to do. But we make sure they don’t do it alone.

No one fights alone at the Fresh Air Foundation because we are here to help. We provide group therapy, individual therapy, and even family therapy. We have a wide range of services meant to help people and get them to their best selves.

We also have luxury offerings such as massage therapy and yoga. We’ve found that feeling treated well can help long term. It’s important to remember the real world is out there.

We teach coping skills and help people learn to manage life without drugs.

It can be easier to deny a problem than to seek help for it. We want to make sure it’s the easiest process for your possible. That’s what we do, make getting help easy. ​

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